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Pest Odor Problems

Odors in the pest control field are usually all generated from a dead rodent or animal. Finding its location can be difficult. Many times the animal is in a ceiling wall cavity or in an inaccessible crawl space. The odor does travel in these areas due to normal air movement.
As pest control professionals we look to verify the odor is not of another origin and hone in on the probable location. We determine if there is a fly problem associated with the odor, what kind of flies are there, how many flies have been found in total (a mouse will generate much less fly activity than a squirrel for example). If we find fly larvae casings then we know the animal is very close. If we can reach these animals, we will remove them. If we can cut a small opening in a wall/ceiling cavity ½" to view with our fiber optic scope we will. If the animal can't be located odors will naturally go away. It may take 7 days or 3 months depending. Some people are much more sensitive than others in terms of smells. To remove the odor or at least mask its molecule structure we use one of 3 products and depending on the situation and how we choose what to use, we have very good success in helping our customers.
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