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There is so much material on these insects. Some very helpful information can be viewed at This includes information that may help you determine where the nest is and you can safely get rid of it yourself. Also why the nest was established in this location and can you alter the area so it is no longer conducive for this insect.
We offer a Bi-Yearly Carpenter Ant program with the primary focus on the exterior of the home or building. Usually little needs to be done inside even though activity does appear randomly through part of the house. The majority of the insect's movement is what we will find and properly place insecticides or insect bait directly to this area. We minimize the amount of any product needed and have a 100% success rate.

Pavement, Pharaoh & Odorous House Ants
Information can be found at These insects are primarily treated with baits (gel and protein baits). The baits are in a gel/liquid form that is squeezed into small areas for the ants to forage on and bring back to the colony. Depending on the size of the nest, one application may be needed or up to one year of treatments with applications on a somewhat monthly basis. Some mature nests may have 10,000 insects. These larger nests take time, please be patient.

Citronella Ants
All information can be found at This is a very seasonal insect that usually shows up for only a few days during their swarm. Treatment is usually not required.

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