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Asian Lady Bugs

They are a seasonal pest of the Northeast. Information on these insects can be viewed at

The best treatment protocol for this insect is to seal them out. An inspection is needed to the upper levels of the inside of the house (attics) as well as the exterior roofline. The pests are usually found on the Southwest side of the building but sometimes on the Southeast. There is no concern with these insects to us regarding damage to the home although they can leave stains or streaks on the walls and also when grabbed they can bite. I didn't believe this until it happened to me.

Having the house sealed is a permanent solution. Annually checking the sealed areas is also recommended. The use of specific Asian Lady Bug traps with pheromones and exterior surface treatments all have limited success. During the winter interior wall and ceiling treatments are pretty successful as long as you can get the proper chemical into these areas where they are overwintering.

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