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Information on these birds can be viewed at http://www.ext.colostate.edu/pubs/natres/06516.html. You must first identify the species that is damaging your home. The cause for their destruction can be mating/territorial banging, building a home, excavating carpenter bee larvae or just inspecting.
In my 30 years of pest control I have never found the woodpeckers to be damaging a wall for termites or carpenter ants deep in the house. Carpenter bees that are in the soffits or rake boards will be dug out by the woodpeckers, leaving horizontal openings in the wood from 1" to 8" long.
The pest control professional looks at the situation to determine if fixing the carpenter bee problem is the answer or to place visual deterrents in that area. These birds are federally protected and unless the state determines they must be put down due to extensive home damage they may not be touched. I have found no repellant sprays to be effective on these birds.
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