Virtual Tour of Plimoth Plantation
Virtual Tour of Plimoth Plantation

Plimoth (Plymouth) Plantation was the first permanent European settlement in southern New England (AD 1620). Today, this area is the site of a living museum, dedicated to recreating 17th - century lifeways in the New World.

Plimoth Plantation includes several exhibits:

A reconstruction of the 1627 village occupied by the Pilgrims
A reconstruction of Hobbamock's Homesite.
The Nye Barn

All components are interpretive exhibits illustrating many aspects of life. People in historic period costumes carry out their daily tasks which would have been conducted by the occupants of the settlement. Their dialect is recreates the flavor of the period as well.

Last year the Plimoth Plantation has expanded their exhibits by adding the Nye Barn to provide visitors with an in-depth look at their Rare and Minor Breeds Animal Program. Visitors will be able to view the types of animals that would have inhabited the first European Settlement in Plymouth.

Also new, is the "Irreconcilable Differences" exhibit. Opened on JULY 29TH 1995, this exhibit concentrates on the 1620-1692 period, rather than just the 1620's decade, as do the other sites and exhibits at the Plantation.
The exhibit uses an interactive enviornment, which visitors can use to ask questions and hear first person accounts from two of the periods' inhabitants, Mary Allerton Cushman and Wampanoag Squaw Sachem Awashonks, to explore the evolution of both the colony and Native Americans in the period of expansion after the 1620's decade.

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