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Active by Nature specializes in high-quality affordable trips for a variety of age groups and activity levels. Choose from our thoughtfully designed menu of trips or customize your experience to fit your personal needs. Our guides are professionally trained in natural and cultural history as well as wilderness first aid; most important, they all share a passion for the outdoors and being active.

Active By Nature puts your needs and interests first. We strive to provide outdoor active experiences that will exceed your expectations and help you to connect with the natural world around you.

Environmental Impact Policy

We are an environmentally conscious organization. To minimize the human impact on the environment, all guests and staff are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

To leave the area with as little impact as possible.
To stay on trails as much as possible.
To not pick flowers or plants, or pull leaves or branches from trees.
To not harm wildlife, including birds, animals, insects, reptiles, and so on.

Leave No Trace Partnership

1. Active By Nature, Inc. is a proud partner of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. We share in, practice and support Leave No Trace skills and ethics and believe in the stewardship of America's public lands. Join us in our work to Leave No Trace by following these seven, simple principles:

Plan ahead and prepare
Travel and camp on durable surfaces
Dispose of waste properly
Leave what you find
Minimize campfire impacts
Respect wildlife
Be considerate of other visitors

2. Active By Nature, Inc. supports and lends its resources to the Leave No trace program. Like the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, Active By Nature, Inc. recognizes that education will preserve our country's wild places for generations.

3. Active By Nature, Inc. is committed to preserving our nationÔø?s natural areas through our partnership with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, an organization that promotes responsible outdoor skills and ethics.

4. When you enjoy the great outdoors, remember to Leave No Trace of your activity behind. Active By Nature, Inc. supports the Leave No Trace program that teaches people how to enjoy nature while preserving its natural beauty. For more information, visit them at

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