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Hello and thank you for visiting my modest home on the Web. The construction of this web site marks my 10th year anniversary of working in the tourist business. This year I also opened a new office in Brookline (see pictures below). Not only am I an experienced and effective travel professional, but also, and more importantly, I take great pride and pleasure in my work. I enjoy sharing my rich know-how and helping sort out colossal amounts of information from the Internet and other sources required for my clients in order to make optimal decisions. Moreover, my expertise has not only grown from work experience accumulated over the last 10 years, but also from my own passion for travel. I visited many continents and traveled to numerous countries for business and pleasure. I love to travel and I hope that this passion will never disappear.

My experience has demonstrated that the key to success lies in balancing knowledge of the business with a sense of responsibility, commitment, and a sensitive approach to clients' needs. It is a mistake to consider that these qualities become less important for business conducted over the Internet. I believe that with further development of e-commerce, my practice philosophy and approach becomes even more important. My staff and I are wholeheartedly invested in this approach. I invite you to experience for yourself our level of service and commitment to you. Call us with any of your travel needs, to learn about our new products, or just to say "Hi".

Yours faithfully, Marina Novikov

Bill Richards says: 2009-03-11 19:30:53
Marina is great! Very professional!

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