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Welcome to is the Internet's definitive guide to affiliate, pay-per-click, pay-per-lead and pay-per-impression programs. Unlike most other affiliate program sites, individually reviews each program with expert care. We like to think of ourselves as the 'Consumer Reports' of affiliate programs, helping webmasters like you find out which programs really work, and which should be avoided.

Each review and rating is based on the overall design of the program, the popularity of the product or service being promoted, and feedback from visitors. has been on the web for over two years, and hundreds of webmasters have submitted their comments, suggestions, and experiences on the programs that we have reviewed.

Here are a few of the top reasons is different from other affiliate sites on the web:

1. is not a directory, rather a guide to affiliate and pay-per-click programs that combines program reviews with strategies on how to maximize performance to help webmasters of all experience make the most from the affiliate marketing strategy. is the only affiliate site to provide in-depth, individually prepared reviews of each affiliate program, rather than simply providing a listing of programs using descriptions submitted by the company that designed the program.

3.'s reviews and ratings are based on both our work with managing affiliate programs, and on the helpful feedback received from thousands of visitors. This insures that the highest ranked programs are the ones that make you money, rather than the ones that make only me money.

So, be sure to bookmark this site, and feel free to explore. You might just be able to double or triple your web site's income.
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