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The ultimate goal is to achieve a good degree of mosquito control. The first step is to identify the type of mosquito pest, and the local conditions causing activity. There are many species of mosquitoes that invade this area of the Northeast. Their full biological information can be viewed at What we are looking for when we approach a property with mosquito activity is to see what promotes the activity. The mosquito species we commonly find that are causing the activity is the aedes species. Its home range is usually within 100 yards of its feeding area. We are only concerned with the female of the species as the males do not require a blood meal for the fertilizing of the eggs.

During our inspection we walk the property looking for resting and breeding sites. We look for standing water in gutters, all drainage pipes into and under the ground, ground depressions, thick leaves, stagnant water; knot holes in trees, actually the list can be quite long. We consider the various mosquito repellent options that would be most effective at your location.

What can be done: repellency sprays (garlic is very effective), adulticide sprays (done by only licensed applicators), landscaping alterations to prime hosting sites, mosquito misting units utilizing preset zones on the property where a small amount of botanical oil is misted into those prime mosquito locations, etc. When we design a program utilizing all the tools of the trade it is very effective. Sometimes we are hired to inspect and help the homeowner get started down their proper path. Call us for an immediate consultation; we happily serve Fairfield County CT, and Westchester County NY.
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